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We Help You to Leverage the Power of Intuitive UI & UX Designs

Having an impressive UI goes much beyond capturing the attention of the user; it is capable of creating outstanding UX and building the business brand. Hence, every business needs to focus on creating immersive UI designs that drive improved UX. At OrangeMantra, we comprehend the value of user-centered designs and understand the impact these have on the user experience. We make sure that users’ perspectives form the core of our development process so that we are able to deliver enhanced usability in each of the products we create.

We have a team of expert UI/UX designers who focus on the user expectations and incorporate the UX design practice in each stage of the app development cycle. We specialize in creating interfaces that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and truly user-friendly. Our UI design services enable our clients to avail a scalable and robust user experience, which maximizes their ROI and promotes their branding strategy.

Our UI/UX Design Services Include

UX Research

We understand the client’s requirements and analyze the business goals as well as the market trends to create a scope definition for the project.

> Business and Technology Requirements
> Brand Requirements
> Goal Analysis
> Competitor Benchmarking
> Market Trends and Analysis

UX Design

UX design is a wide term that encompasses its visual layout, content, navigation, and features that come together to create an experience flow for the users.

> Information Architecture
> Interaction Design
> Navigation Design
> Wire-framing
> Usability Engineering

UI Design

Our design team excels at crafting appealing designs with the right mix of colors, typography, and illustrations, but keeps user experience at the core.

> Visual Design and Branding
> Graphic Detailing
> Design Review and Validation
> User Acceptance

Branding and Identity

A business is defined by its brand. We create designs that replicate brands and showcase the business and its value.

> Brand Strategy and Architecture
> Brand Positioning
> Brand Campaigns
> Brand Identity Design
> Print and Publication Designs

Front-End Development

Our team comprises of skilled front-end developers who are capable of creating pixel-perfect, responsive front-end solutions.

> Front-end Architecture and Design
> Custom Front-end Development
> Theme and Integration
> Responsive Front-end Design
> Re-coding and Optimization

Usability Testing

We present well-tested UI/UX designs which have been validated by the real-life users from the target industry using reliable testing tools.

> User Research
> Eye Tracking
> Accessibility Compliance
> Usability Compliance
> Heuristics Evaluation

Serving All Major Industries

Our UI/UX App Design Company serves all the major industries. Here are some of the top industrial domains.

> Healthcare
> Travel & Tourism
> E-commerce
> Social Networking
> Banking & Finance
> Media & Entertainment

Benefits of Availing UI/UX Design Services

Remarkable Interface

Professional UI/UX design ensure your product have appealing interfaces and a capability to bring in and retain users.

Intuitive Experiences

Interactive UI with flawless gestures and user-centric communications boost intuitive user experiences.

Higher Conversions Rate

Well-designed apps have features to keep the user engaged for longer, which translates into improved conversions and revenues.

Brand Visibility

High-end UI/UX design makes your product stand apart amongst its competitors as well as strengthens the business brand.

Benefits of Availing UI/UX Design Services

Requirement Analysis and Market Research

We start by gathering the needs of the clients, analyzing it, and researching the market trends to define the project scope.

User Interface Design

The design ideas are converted into detailed prototypes that define the flow of the product before it is actually built.

Wire Framing

The next step comprises the compilation of the information to build wireframes, user flow, and sketch based on the concept of design usability.

UI Micro-Interactions

We craft rich user experiences by weaving in micro-interactions into the UI to make the product user-friendly.


The design ideas are converted into detailed prototypes that define the flow of the product before it is actually built.

Quality Assurance

Before releasing the final design, we carry out rigorous quality check to ensure that it meets expectations and best quality standards.

Why Choose Dwellfox as Your UI/UX Design Company?

1. Latest Trends for End Users

The best products are the ones that are more engaging, customized for required functionality, designed to perform, simple-to-use incorporating the new trends i.e., it’s purely meant for end users and we do so.

2. Technical Feasibility Checks

We verify the minute aspects of the product design, analyze the scope and limitations from technological aspects, mobile ecosystems and bring feasible ideas into reality.

3. Professional Design Team

Our team consists of UI and graphic designers, mobile technology developers, interaction architects and experts, and creative thinkers who work together and ensure aesthetics and functionality to the product.

4. Digital Skeuomorphism

Skeuomorphism adds more life, energy, vintage appeal to the product app designs. It helps to bring in emotional experience with the digital devices and make the product more personal for the user.

5. Platform Specific Design

We design apps for the specified platforms like android, iOS and offer consistent user experience across different mobile gadgets and develop cross platform application too. We design websites for different web browsers.

6. Usability Testing

In the final step, we execute the test case and analyze their impact on the software, in the short term as well as in the long run.

Industries We Serve

Adobe Flash


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop




Corel Draw



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