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Staff Augmentation

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We are a leading Staffing service provider company offering end-to-end staffing services to a wide range of industries.

Staff Augmentation

We are experts in staff augmentation services, providing the hiring or outsourcing of the required professional resources to ensure a hassle-free procedure and save costs.

On Demand Hiring

We offer on-demand hiring services to provide expert recruitment assistance for specialised projects including redesign, renovations, and consulting for businesses.

Recruitment Services

We provide end-to-end recruitment services to help organisations hire skilled candidates on a part-time, full-time, or contract basis based on business needs.

Resource Partnership

We provide a customised resource partnership model to businesses who want a long-term collaboration to address their resource requirements during the contractual period.

Why is Dwellfox Your Trusted Staffing Partner?

Staffing Experts

Our highly experienced recruiting staff ensures that qualified, skilled, and certified resources are hired to help with goal accomplishment.

Skilled Resource Pool

Prospective businesses have access to a pool of highly qualified resources with technical expertise.

Addressing Custom Requirement

With experienced resources, we cater to special needs ranging from simple to complicated and confined to a wide range of industries.

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We provide exceptional staffing services to businesses to

Availability of Skilled Resources

Cost-Effective Solution

Enhanced Staffing Quality

Faster Recruitment

Enjoy Access to Large Talent Pools

Access To Staffing Expertise

Staff Augmentation Services

We assist our client with outsourcing the resource to accomplish their priority project.

Recruitment Related Services

We cater to businesses' specific recruitment requirements, from hiring to contracting.

Key Features

Availability of Project Basis Resources

We provide highly skilled resources for projects in a variety of sectors, including IT, banking, healthcare, hospitality, and many others.

Access To Expertise Consultant

We specialise in introducing professional consultants to customers for company assessments and project optimization

Business Centric Solution

We are well-known for our problem-solving approach, which focuses on delivering resources for every sort of demand, no matter how small or major.


We are a market leader in offering resources for cutting-edge technology in several industries across the globe.


HTML/CSS Developer


QA Experts


PHP Developer

Android Developer


UI/UX Developer

SQL Developer

React Js

React Js


Java Developerc

DOT NET Developer


iOS Developer

Angular Developer



Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer


Python Developer


WordPress Developer

Xamarin Developer

Node Js

Node Js Developer



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Because Dwellfox is a company with over Eight years of expertise, we are able to provide clients with successful staffing services outcomes that aid in finding the ideal applicant for a position.
The three main factors that lead businesses to use staff augmentation services are the requirement for specialized expertise, the unavailability of critical talents in the market, and the need to lower the cost of software development. Consider being a rapidly expanding company with a few million dollars in funding that has to scale up quickly. It's possible that there aren't enough developers in your city, state, or even nation to finish the project. What response would you give? Most likely, you'd choose a reputable software vendor or a recruiting agency that could help you quickly bolster your team with the essential knowledge.
Staff augmentation, the Dwellfox IT staffing Talent Pool focuses on offering you IT professionals. In contrast to other IT hiring firms, they have a variety of roles, ranging from UI/UX designers to backend specialists.
  • Acceptance of the complete job description and concise (5-10business days)
  • We rate the resources on offer on the market and provide CVs (1-2business days).
  • You select the resumes and ask for technical assessments (1-3business days).
  • The applicant succeeds in the evaluation stage (1-2 business days).
  • You give test reviews (1-3 business days).
  • The sixth stage involves interviewing the applicant (1 business day).
  • You provide us with the candidate's remarks. If the outcomes are favorable, an offer is made to the candidate (1-2 business days).
  • At last, onboarding starts.