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Mobile App Development

Transforming ideas into business mobile apps

Mobile Application Design & Development Services

We have let multitude of companies connect with people across the global. Our custom mobile as well as IoT solutions are used for everything right from streamlining diabetes care to auto-steering tractors right to tracking up to sharing bike rides.



Android OS offers manifold opportunities, but also portray unique challenges due to the critical proliferation of hardware. Our expert developers are primarily able to minimize the difficulty posed to app design while best-supporting app creation no matter what level or stage of development your app is in, and acutely help to position it in the top rankings of Google Play store.


Working in iOS offers the perfect ability to work across three main top-level devices—iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch—with solely unique potential in each area. Our iOS developers have cracked the top rating already in the App Store and have worked in diversified areas including games, business apps, fintech and more.


Bypassing native development can really help speed up time to launch but requires top notch individuals to follow a proper methodology. Minimizing the ultimate impact on UX design is crucial in order to fully maintain as well as satisfy users. If done successfully, developers can efficiently and effectively utilize the capabilities of native platforms while clearly sharing business logic across them.


Our team has a decade-long centred experience in custom mobile applications development that spans a very wide range of industries.

Our proactive team dives into your business ecosystem and build a truly custom strategy by unlocking the full potential of mobile technology for your company. We first get to know your business and then tailor application development services to our client goals and expectations.


Wellaar has experts in technologies, who not only efficiently reduce migration costs but also maintain the efficiency of the complete application well. Seamless migration remains the supreme motto of the professional experts that maintain the entire fidelity of the business logic.

Cloud Service


Cloud application development services support the movement to the cloud developing a new application from scratch. It is designed with flexibility as well as efficiency. Wellaar provides complete migration and monitoring solutions running on SaaS cloud platforms.

Our Cloud app developers provide you with the quickest as well as easy deployment of applications stored in the iCloud that allows users to successfully develop and run their applications over the network with the most minimal downtime as well as a secure server.



Cloud services are extremely quick in deploying, updating as well as testing providing fast response.


Core foundation, infrastructure management can be smoothly outsourced to third party cloud providers.


Can flexibly scale and up down as per business needs.


API based back-end services that can swiftly speed up development, processing, analytics eventually yields great results


These services are very cost-effective in terms of processing and management.


Periodic backup and restoration of data as well as other security practices.


Data storage on cloud are very easily accessible to the authorized users


Business Intelligence

We make a finely detailed assessment in order to determine your organization’s infrastructure, servers as well as requirements needed for cloud migration.

Application Development

Application development, along with solution design as well as architecture, front-end design, including upgrading existing applications to the most newest version for improved reliability, access and security.

Iterative Migration

Iterative migration that completely ensures user adoption along with the goals met and exceeded.

Data Integration

Utter integration of your on-premise applications with those currently existing in the cloud.

Data Integration

24 hour support round the clock with 365 days application monitoring so as to ensure reliable performance, eliminate downtime, and enable you to focus on the core area of your business.


With Wellaar cloud application services, you fully empower your business leaders as well as employees to do business better.

  • Transmute your entire application by hosting or by means of building them on PaaS or the Iaas cloud platform.
  • Fully leverage the usage of cloud computing in context of mobile devices.
  • Authentically empower business users to change as well as customize their experience.
  • Re-host applications.
  • Migration of current traditional applications to cloud platforms. We provide end-to-end solutions to cater to your business. So we work with your core team to give you the best possible services.


Because Dwellfox is an agency that has experience of more than 10 years and in these years we are able to deliver successful SEO results which helps client to grow and lead. SEO lies in one of the core services where we’ve marked us as a market leader due to our In-depths audits and purely white hat techniques. Our SEO strategies are totally in compliance with Google updates which helps us to get good results in an effective time.

Dwellfox as a staff recruitment agency helps clients save a considerable amount of time and money. With our vast pool of IT staffing talent, we as a staff recruitment agency specifically take into consideration the talent your business needs and the appropriate skills required and connect you with the right professionals for the job.

Dwellfox IT staffing Talent Pool specializes in providing you with IT experts as direct hires or in the form of staff augmentation. Their roles are diverse unlike other IT recruiting agencies can vary from backend experts to UI/UX designers.

Sometimes you may not be happy with your freelancer’s work. In that case, once you let your problem be known to the IT recruiting agencies, we are going to reevaluate your IT staffing needs and replace the hire with someone else from our staffing solutions more suited to your needs.

Yes, Dwellfox unlike other recruiting agencies has a robust screening process in IT staffing for each candidate, which takes into account the skill, cognitive abilities, and personality of the candidate. With the help of our AI platform, Birbal we as a staff recruitment are able to find the best candidates who are going to be the answers to your workforce needs.

You can notify us at Wellaarand we as staffing services will get back to you and try and understand the issues with your employee, following which there will be a resolution process which will be initiated

Since our aim as staffing solutions is to always provide businesses with the right candidate with the right skills at the right time for your specific need, we unlike other IT recruiting agencies subject our candidates through a robust screening process.